About Us


Who We Are

Envision Partnerships was formed by interested volunteers in 1964. They shared common personal and professional concerns about alcoholism. They sought ideas and projects to prevent, to educate and to advocate for treatment. By 1970, the agency incorporated as a nonprofit and hired staff to fulfill this function. Volunteers still offer community input.

The agency pioneered free-standing inpatient alcoholism treatment in the mid 1970's. In the 1980's, it advanced substance abuse prevention from slogans to outcome driven programming. Dynamic approaches to impaired driving such as the ACCESS driver intervention program were introduced. Programming was introduced into the business sector to intervene and prevent loss of employee productivity caused by substance abuse.

Envision has a rich tradition of innovative substance abuse and violence prevention programming. Currently, the agency is the region-wide leader in school and community based high risk behavior prevention programming; conflict mediation applications; court referred diversion programming; and other creative character building modules aimed at bolstering the skills of youth.

Quality programming and certified staff measure our success. Recipients of five award winning exemplary substance abuse prevention programs (2000, 2002, 2004, 2006 and 2012) from the Ohio Department of Alcohol & Drug Addiction Services. The 2007 Asset Builder Award winner selected by the Ohio Department of Education. Selected for the Greatest Community Impact award (2001) from the Ohio Drug-Free Action Alliance, and the Racial Legacies & Learning Best Practices Award 2004 from the City of Hamilton.

Envision views the twenty first century as a time of challenge and opportunity... The challenge of evolving society and the opportunity for innovative programming acutely focused on addressing needs and making a difference.