Conflict Resolution

Conflict Resolution Services

MaPS (Mediation & Problem-Solving)/Conflict Resolution Services

The MaPS program is a collaborative program with the Butler County Juvenile Court, and local schools. MaPS provides mediation sessions (one-time or more as needed) between youth in conflict (ex: school fight, rumors, harassing, bullying, threats, etc.) and problem-solving/brief intervention sessions with youth (and possibly the parent) to resolve specific issues such as truancy, tardiness, school behavioral issues, school problems, family problems that may be contributing to school performance. The MaPS program also provides problem solving sessions for small groups. Sessions run about 20-60 min. depending on the issues. There is no cost to the school or families.

Family Mediation Program/SOMM (Status Offender & Misdemeanor Mediation)

Mediation is a process where people with concerns, problems, and/or conflict can work together in a safe confidential environment to find acceptable resolution of those issues and improve their relationships.

In the Family Mediation Program/SOMM mediations, youth who have been referred to the program attend mediations with their parents and/or other youth with whom they may have had problems or a conflict.  Mediation addresses the issue that resulted in court contact as well as other issues that may be affecting the youth and family.

Mediations generally last 1.5-2 hours.  The mediators help the youth and family members discuss problems that affect them. The mediator guides the parties through discussion about the issues and then helps them to work together to find workable solutions.  At the end of the mediation, the family signs a written agreement of the solutions they have decided upon. Occasionally, additional mediation(s) may be needed or desired. 

Mediation provides some of the following benefits:

  • Resolves specific issues & problems
  • Addresses underlying and contributing issues
  • Results in a written agreement
  • Provides a fair, safe, comfortable environment for child and parents to share their concerns
  • Improves family communication
  • Encourages skills for effective family problem-solving
  • Family receives helpful information and referrals

For more information, contact our mediation center at 513-887-3886.