Available Training


We can work with schools, coalitions, organizations, businesses, agencies, youth groups, faith-based groups or any person who would like to learn how to develop a prevention plan or improve what they are already doing.  We have worked with many different groups and would love to show you how your efforts can go further.

An introduction to the 40 Developmental Assets (2.5hrs):

Search Institute has identified the building blocks of healthy development—known as Developmental Assets—that help young children grow up healthy, caring, and responsible.

Question, Persuade, Refer (QPR)

Did you know suicide is the 2nd leading cause of death for ages 10-24? Much like CPR or the Heimlich Maneuver is used to save lives, people trained in QPR (Question, Persuade, and Refer) are taught important strategies that can help save a life from suicide. This Gatekeeper training is taught in a clear, concise format to help individuals recognize the signs of suicide, understand how to respond, and know where to refer a person. The training takes approximately 90 minutes to complete. Become a Gatekeeper for suicide prevention today and save a life!


Minimize Risk ~ Maximize Life:

This 2-4 hour workshop is intended for adults to give them the skills needed to make safer and healthier choices with alcohol. This can also give them the tools needed to teach their teens about making wise decisions.

By Stander Intervention (With a Focus on Anti-Bullying)

Bystander Intervention is a social science model that predicts that most people are unlikely to help others in certain situations. A bystander is anyone who observes an emergency or a situation that looks like someone could use some help. They must then decide if they are comfortable stepping in and offering assistance.

Media Literacy:

Media literacy is a repertoire of competencies that enable people to analyze, evaluate, and create messages in a wide variety of media modes, genres, and formats.

Basic Alcohol and Other Drug Education:

Would your group or organization like some basic information about drugs and alcohol or some of the new trends?  We can give you the information you need.

Basic Gambling Education:

In this training we can give you the warning signs, tips for lowering your risk and what to look for in others who may have a gambling problem.

Substance Abuse Prevention Skills Training (SAPST):

This 35 hour workshop gives new and experienced prevention workers the basics in the field and teaches the theory and science behind it all.

Projects Youth can create to promote healthy choices:

  • Art Projects (anti-drug messages) with the use of Social Media
  • Drug Awareness Projects
  • Teaching younger children and/or peer to peer education
  • Changing Norms